Apr 082014

I started this blog many years ago, just to write.

I was bored I was at home with Baba and Mr L was working and I wanted some different conversations, somewhere else to get my thoughts out, and I wanted something to read back on over the years.

I wanted to be able to show Baba the silly things that he did the things he said and what he had achieved when he was younger.

It started out as us and him.

And it grew, I had forgotten how much I loved to write and loved to create. The blog gave me a chance to do both. It gave me the opportunity to get paid for writing and to start my own business, to develop Scrapbookerry and to get it to the point it is now.

I made friends with other mothers, crafters and business owners, who in their own parts of the world were doing the same thing as me. Getting our thoughts out, our crazy moments, (both good and bad) and letting us express ourselves.

When we fell pregnant with Rhianna we announced it on here, when we lost Rhianna you all stood by us and felt our loss with us.

I knew Rhianna was a massive part of my blogging life, and had to be included. Continue reading »

Apr 012014

So its official Boo is now 17 weeks old.

Not quite sure where that time has gone, it has gone so fast and it is very scary!

He is a happy chappy, he finds the craziest things funny, such as getting dressed and looking at himself in the mirror.

We are now getting lots of giggles, and lots of spit in our face as he tries to blow raspberries. He is teething and a dribble monster is an understatement, that along with his reflux means our washing machine does a lot of work in one week.

He loves to kick, he loves his baby massage and most mornings we now wake up with him in a completely different position in his cot to how we laid him down for sleep.  Continue reading »

Mar 282014

This Sunday it is Mother’s Day a day for celebrating our mothers, and a day for all the Mummies to get spoilt.

There will be present giving, cards made and brought, breakfast in beds made and a day of fun for most.

But there will be some Mummies that will be missing that one present, (I am one of them) because they haven’t got all their children on earth with them. There will be some children that are missing their Mummies because they don’t still have them on earth with them.

Young children, babies, toddlers, school aged and teenagers that are missing their Mummies on this special day.

Missing their Mummies because they have been killed while serving in our Armed Forces.

Baba misses his Uncle because he was killed serving our country, Boo will never know him because he was killed serving our country. It hurts like hell, its horrible to see Baba miss him and I can not even imagine how these children feel missing their Mummies and Daddies every day, it can only be much worse on Mothers Day.

They have no cards to make, no presents to give and no breakfast in bed to make.  Continue reading »

Mar 272014

I haven’t blogged for a long time.

In fact I haven’t done anything for a long time.

Partly because of all the things that have been going on at home, and partly because I have lost my flow for everything.

But it was making me so unhappy.

I couldn’t get into a rhythm so I couldn’t write or plan, and because I wasn’t writing or making I was getting more upset and it was a vicious circle and one that I needed to break.

I moaned about it, I ranted to people and groaned and got lots of different advice.

But ultimately no one could help me until I cleared my head and established what I wanted to do and what was my priority. So I sat down and worked out the things I didn’t like doing, and the things that I did like doing and tried to see if anything could be dropped! But there was nothing.

Continue reading »

Mar 082014

So I have been moaning lots lately.

How I have hated the house, not getting anything done, and just generally being in a right grump about everything.

It came to a head on Thursday I was so fed up. I was in a hideous mood and I could not get out of it.

I wasn’t enjoying time with the kids, I wasn’t happy doing things with Mr L I was just foul.

I hated everything and everyone.

Something had to change.

We have lived in this house for nearly seven years now, and when we moved we had lots of plans. Every year we do the garden and then it gets left over the winter and gets ruined, and we then go through the process of doing the garden again the next year. But nothing else in the house seems to get done.

Our house is all a bit the wrong way round, the biggest room is the loft, and downstairs has a massive hall, massive kitchen and a smaller lounge. We as a family with two boys and a very messy Mr L end up with a hideous mess in the lounge and all claustrophobic and its horrible.

We have always had plans to have downstairs open planned, and Thursday I had enough.  Continue reading »

Mar 042014

I seem to be in a rut, and all I seem to go on about is the fact that I seem to be in a rut.

Apart from my family, the pets and close friends, I have two things that I love.

Writing and Crafting.

They are really important things to me, if I had neither I seriously wouldn’t be able to function within a normal day.

I use crafting as my business and as a way to relax.

I use writing as a way to let of my steam and to expose my deepest, darkest fears and emotions.

I use both of them to keep me sane.

But currently they are both conflicting each other.

I have so many things I want to do with each, and to be honest nothing is happening with either.

And it is driving me mad!

I am determined to get a system that works, I am not sure what system but I need a productive one.

One that copes with being a Mummy, being a partner, planning a wedding, studying for my writing course and running a business. If you know of one then please do send it my way!

Mar 012014

When we went to the vets for our meeting to discuss Tito’s care we were told we had two options.

Tablets or injections.

Now Tito is not a good tablet taker he spits them out if you hide them in food. If you squash them he somehow manages to eat around them, and if we try to throw them in the back of his mouth he froths and spits and looks like a dog with rabies.

Both Mr L and I instantly agreed that he needed injections rather than tablets.

Basically the medication is steroids, vitamin B and cortazone and will help Tito’s liver to function better and to increase his appetite. We decided this was the better option and booked him in for Thursday to have his first set of jabs.

We had him at home by the time of our meeting and he was still very groggy from the sedation. He had eaten in the morning, having a little scrambled egg but that was all he managed. We offered him tea and he refused. The vet had explained this was normal. 

But it was and is still horrible to watch. We managed to get a tiny bit of sausage down him Tuesday evening. And decided we would leave him for the night. Our plan was that if he didn’t eat Wednesday morning I would bring his injection forward.

We woke up Wednesday and he was quiet I made a sausage and bacon sandwich for him, which he refused to eat, so I phoned the vets and brought his injection forward.

It was another vets appointment and another opportunity to ask the vet was normal and what we need to worry about. And to check once more that Tito isn’t in pain.

I got told repeatedly that he wasn’t in pain, the vet also thought he was looking brighter in himself. He gave him all his injections and explained a few things. 

Sickness is normal, however if Tito eats and brings up everything he has just eaten we need to worry.

Having a bit of a bad tummy is normal (lucky we have no carpet) 

Loss of appetite is normal, however not eating, and by not eating nothing passing his lips not even a small bit of cheese for 72 hours is when we need to worry.

As long as he is happy to see us and that doesnt change the vet advised not to rush into anything.

Well Tito came home and wolfed down his sausage and bacon sandwich. (We were told to give him what he wanted when he wanted it) and seemed a lot more perky. I didn’t try to feed him again on Wednesday as he ate a lot that morning and Mr L brought him some kebab meat home in the evening, as Tito has spent a lifetime trying to steal our kebabs. Which he wolfed down as well.

He had had a good day and the injections seemed to have made a difference.

Thursday morning was a different story. Tito had brought up a lot of his food. Not all of it but still a lot. We were a little worried. So it was another call to the vet (currently I am speaking to him more than my friends) he wasn’t worried but we discussed that because Tito’s stomach is so small that two main meals a day is not a good idea and drip feeding him every couple of hours is probably better. If he was still bringing up food on that way of feeding he wanted to see him again.

So the last couple of days we have been drip feeding. And we have discovered Tito is partial to a digestive biscuit, sausage, bacon and toast. He has been having a little bacon and toast in the morning, digestives mid morning, a couple of sausages at lunch time and a couple in the afternoon. We try him with a little scrambled egg in the evening and he seems to really be hungry just before bed.

It seems to be working. He is sick but its a bile sick which is his liver not working 100% but for the last few days he has managed to keep all food down.

We don’t know how long we have with him but he is excited about the food he is being given and he is still excited to see us and still wants his snuggles. So at the moment we are continuing our fight and taking each day at a time. Because thats all we can do.

Feb 282014

I so haven’t wanted to write this post, as somehow writing it down means it is really happening.

It is really happening we are living it, but not putting it out to the whole world means I can some what hide from it.

But I can’t hide forever.

After doing so well moving to a raw diet, Tito stopped eating again. We decided enough was enough, he was either being a complete fussy wotsit or there was something wrong. But whatever it was once and for all we needed to find out.

Tuesday I took him to the vet, he listened he heard what I had to say and he agreed he thought he was being incredibly fussy.

Then he had a feel.

He then decided that he wanted to do some tests, and keep Tito in for a while, he was worried he may have a tumor on his liver, but he assured me that was the worst case scenario.  Continue reading »

Feb 242014

So I like to be busy, but sometimes I just get too busy where I can’t ever see through the mist.

This last week has been a little like that, after my great productivity of sorting through the lounge and decluttering, I got stuck.

My biggest problem is I have so many ideas and sometimes, just sometimes, absolutely nothing gets done, as I can’t see through the ideas to become practical and productive. And to be honest it really stresses me out.

So Saturday I did what all work at home mothers do and went to twitter for advice. And advice I received, and lots of it. To write lists, to prioritize the important jobs from the small jobs and to work out where to go from there. It was all great advice and stuff that I could really get my teeth into. It was also things that I did know but I just seemed to have lost the motivation to do these things and it was driving me mad.

And then I got a great motivational idea, from Josie who told me to write three things down each day, something for work, something for fun, and something you have been putting off. It was a simple but sounded full proof idea, and it really caught my attention.  Continue reading »

Feb 222014

Tito has always been a wotsit when it comes to food. All those years ago when he first came to us as a tiny little ten week old, he has been a nightmare.

He was a poorly pup, and spent a lot of time in the vets, he used to refuse to eat biscuits and we would persevere with meat added and all sorts, but nothing seemed to satisfy him. In the end we dropped the biscuits and went to run of the mill wet food, along the lines of Chappie etc. He liked it but it never really suited him.

From the moment we brought Tito home we have had problems with him toileting in the house, he goes through periods where he is good and periods where he is really bad. Generally when I am pregnant I might add. But he does have phases of being ok and phases of being really bad.

When we got Buddy he was a Bakers dog, he had Bakers meat and Bakers biscuits and he was hyper, we quickly changed him from Bakers and moved him to just meat like Tito. This lasted a while and then when I fell pregnant with Boo, I really couldn’t stand the smell and it was expensive, so we moved gradually to a biscuit, and amazingly both dogs ate it. We gradually got rid of the meat and both dogs were happy and Tito’s toileting really seemed to improve.

A couple of months back Tito stopped eating. He was fine in himself but he just stopped eating.

He ate any of our food that we gave him, but eating his biscuits stopped. We fretted and we worried, and we talked at length to our vets, who agreed there seemed to be nothing wrong with him. So we started to add a little meat to his biscuits and suddenly he was eating them fine, however the toileting problems returned. Continue reading »