Nov 262010

Dear Mr L,

I am so pleased you liked your presents and had a good birthday. It was really worrying me that you would hate them and you don’t know what a sigh of relief it was that you did like them. Thank you.

Love Me xxx


Dear Stewie and JoJo

I know it is cold, and I know Stewie that you have just had an operation. We have brought you inside at night to be nice. You are rabbits, you could really stay outside, we are being nice owners, keeping you in the warm. So please don’t be so noisy and make so much mess.

Thank you

Your sleep deprived owner!


Dear Baba

I feel so bad that you were crying this morning at pre school. Please don’t do it again, honestly mummy can’t cope with that. I know that you love it there, so don’t put on the tears when I am there. Please not again.

Love you xxxx


Dear Lady round the corner,

I know that I looked like I was going to crash into you earlier, but you know when you have the sun glaring through your windscreen it is very hard to see. I was only doing 20miles an hour maybe not even that, a snail’s pace. So there was no need to look at me like I was a hooligan. I was driving as sensibly as I could and had complete control.

Thanks you made me feel pants!!

Grumpy Other Driver


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  1. Bless you…..sounds like you had a great day! Hope Baba was ok when you picked him up. Have a fab weekend xx

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