Jan 182011

I am working on about an hours sleep today and it is killing me. I am so tired it is not even funny!

I am in a staggering amount of pain, when I was pregnant with Baba a little bit of fatty muscle became lose in my right knee cap. I can’t remember the technical term for it but by the end of the pregnancy I couldn’t walk properly on my knee and would spend most nights just crying as I was in so much pain. After three months of having him I was booked in to have the tissue removed, and my knee was so much better.

However over the last few months I have noticed more and more pain in my knee, last night it was unbearable. I actually couldn’t bend it to get of the sofa, climbing the stairs was the hardest thing in the world and I nearly crawled up them last night. I was that far forward in trying to walk up them. When I finally got to bed I was mentally tired, and physically tired but my knee would not let up. I had taken painkillers and still there was no relief. I tossed and turned all night, finally falling asleep about 3am this morning.

To be woken at 4am as Baba had a raging temperature, and wasn’t feeling very well. Since then he has been awake and I haven’t managed to sleep since. He has sat on my knee, I actually cried and we managed to eventually get back down the stairs. Getting back up may be an issue. I have an appointment at 4pm I don’t know what the doctor will say but I need to sleep. I can not be living with this pain anymore it is so painful.

I can no longer, sit or lay and be comfortable, which is just stupid. Whatever position I am in I am never comfortable. Do you know how frustrating that is?

So I am a little grumpy today so please bear with me I will get the things that people are waiting for done, but I am a little preoccupied with sleep and pain, pain and sleep.

I just wish I was as quick to bounce back as Baba as he seems fine now, although a little tired. I am going to try to get him to have a sleep in a while and then I can have a little rest too. But for now I am going to struggle through because that’s what we do!

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  12 Responses to “Sleep And Pain, Pain And Sleep”

  1. Poor you, I know just how you feel when it comes to the sleep part. And the pain on top of that must be grim. This is when you need a fairy godmother to whisk you off to a spa and you could soak in some fancy hot tub thing, doze on a warm lounger. Imagine…..

    Oh well, back to reality :) Take it easy, love the new blog too

  2. Poor you! My daughter was up all night and has been for a few weeks. not sure why she is just 2yrs old but its so hard to function on little sleep. And today i had a work meeting first thing and i’m just spaced out now. more tea vicar.
    hope you do get a sleep and like the new site xx

    • It is so hard to function on little sleep isn’t it, I hate it. I have decided that Baba’s issue may be his teeth as he has two more to come and he is very dribbly as well. Hope you have a good night soon. xx

  3. Oh hon! That sounds terrible. I totally relate but in a different ailment. It’s horrible when it just doesn’t let up and yet you’re expected to just get on with things. I hope the docs appointment went well!

    New blog is lovely, by the way, and comment section seems to work just fine! :)

    • Yes at last the doctors did go ok, he has actually given me tablets that are working and making everything easier and has referred me to physio so just waiting on that one. Thank you about the blog, it is taking a while but I am slowly getting there! xx

  4. Oh no, u poor thing that sounds horrendous. Hope the doctor gave you some stronger painkillers for it & u get a better sleep 2nite! Yep, love the new blog, am subscribed via RSS!!

  5. All subscribed :) Yay for shiny newness!!

    Less yay for hurtyness :( I do hope you manage to get some more sleep and the doctors came up with something to help you. I had trouble earlier this week when I got attacked by a very mean midge that bit my lip and it got instantly infected. The right side of my face looked and felt like I’d lost a fight with a brick and the doctors wouldn’t give me anything because I’m almost 8 months pregnant. I just had to make do with paracetamol and no sleep. I bet it was nothing compared to your knee though :S

    Hope you feel better soon!! xxxxx

    • Oh thank you so much that is fantastic. The doctor has given me some tablets and awaiting some physio the tablets are very strong so I am hoping that they will help somewhat! xx

  6. Oh hunny that sounds terrible! Hope that you are both feeling better today! Loving the new blog….it’s fab! xxx

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