Feb 042011

Dear Jobs

Do you know what you make it so flaming hard, why would I want to work five hours for pennies, that is what it amounts to. And I may be called fussy but there is a limit to how low I will go, when I am earning not even a third of the minimum wage I am not going to say yes. Even if everything else seems perfect. I am sorry but I am not.

So back to the drawing board again then!


A Very Disgruntled person.


Dear Hospital

Thanks for booking my baby in I do appreciate that and you were very quick to respond. But here is a warning if we drive an hour to get to you for 7.30am like you have asked us and we do not get seen till 3pm both Mr L and I will be furious. Do you know how hard it will be to amuse a two year old in hospital. Do you? Especially when at that point he will be feeling fine, do you?

From a mother warning you!


Dear Wind

Please stop, Baba was up at a stupid time this morning because the wind was noisy, I am now tired. We do not like you.

Go away!

Tired Grumpy Mumma!


Dear Readers,

Thank you, after moving my blog and changing URL January was my biggest amount of readers ever.

I love you.

Please keep coming back.

Love me xxx


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  4 Responses to “Dear So And So! Jobs!”

  1. Ooo this wind *grumble grumble* combined with all the chavs in their lawnmowers sleep is lacking in this household at the moment…

  2. you’re welcome… :)

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