Feb 242011

I believe….

In you and in me,

We may not always understand where we are going. We may not always like where we are going. But we are moulding ourselves to make us the best we can, I believe that we can do it,

I believe in my dreams, I believe in your dreams, I believe in us,

I believe life is hard, it is difficult, torturous and painful. But I believe we can make it,

I believe life can be fun, if you wipe the stress and pain away. Life can be beautiful, giving and exciting, I believe if we open our eyes, we can see everything around us,

I believe we are our biggest problems. We are the only ones who completely shut the doors on ourselves. Sure people make it difficult, but no one totally shuts the door expect ourselves. And then again no-one opens the next door totally apart from ourselves,

I believe we have to think good of ourselves before anyone else, I believe we have to love ourselves before anyone else does, If we don’t think or feel it then why would anyone else?

I believe we can all make it. In some way or the other, I believe we have to find the thing that works for us. Doesn’t mean it will work for every one. But if it works for us that is all that matters, I believe we can make this. If your happy and I’m happy I believe we will be OK!


This piece has been written for the Writing Workshop please take a look at the other posts!

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  20 Responses to “I Believe…”

  1. This is lovely and I think it is so true!

  2. So true! A really lovely and life affirming response to the workshop! x

  3. This is lovely, it says it all and I find myself nodding in agreement as I read your words. Thank you for managing to dig out some of the words I couldn’t find. Great writing.


  4. Wonderful! I really enjoyed reading this and totally agree with all your beliefs…. :) x

  5. This is lovely and so true…I really enjoyed reading it, Thankyou x

  6. Fantastic post and so true. Well written :)

  7. What a powerful message about life. Brilliant writing!

  8. Lovely write and true – really hopeful. I love the new header and the font too :)

    Thanks for linking up to Friday Favourites at Diary of a First Child

  9. You have a great writing style!

    Stopping by from Friday Favourites at Diary of a First Child

  10. Those are really positive and powerful affirmations. Love them.

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