Mar 092011

Yesterday we spent the day in hospital as Baba was having his operation.

Baba watching TV waiting for his operation.

He was a star, he was unbelievably brave and not one tear was shed yesterday he took everything in his stride! He accepted the magic cream, he watched them put the needles in his hands when we were in the operating room and he didn’t even flinch. They didn’t want him to watch but he was determined.

He didn’t cry when they put him under he was just in mid conversation and feel asleep. He didn’t cry when he came round. He called for Mummy and the nurses told him I was coming. When I arrived he was being carried around the ward looking at all the pictures. Everyone of the nurses said he could say as he was so lovely!

When he came back to the ward he didn’t cry he just went straight back to sleep.

He finally woke and for the first time all day he asked for some food and a drink. When he finished he asked for more. No complaining no upset child just a hungry child.

When the nurse came to take his needles out of his hand he didn’t complain, he wasn’t upset he was just darn interested in what she was doing. We tried to distract him with the film on TV but he wasn’t interested. Mr L and I thought it would upset him but it didn’t he wasn’t at all bothered.

Baba was a super behaved child and so very very brave. Both Mr L and I are very proud of him. And so pleased with all the care that he received.

This weeks theme at The Gallery is one word. My word is hospital. Please pop over and see all the other posts.

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  38 Responses to “The Gallery – Hospital!”

  1. so glad it went well

  2. Oh my goodness – that must have been a massive roller coaster for you. Thank goodness he is managing so well, be sounds like a total superstar. All the best for the rest of his recovery! xx

    • Thank you and yes it was a bit, we just didn’t plan past yesterday so now we are starting the year again really as now we can plan! xx

  3. Aww what a wee star. That is an amazing post about an amazing boy, it has brought a wee tear to me eye. Hugs x

  4. So glad it went well – he certainly was a brave boy xx

  5. Glad everything went well!

  6. Oh bless! Well done him, and well done you. So far none of mine have had to have an anaesthetic, so I don’t know, but I imagine that must have been pretty awful for you too. I hope he recovers very quickly.

    • That was horrible, it is not something I would wish on anyone putting their child through anaesthetic so strange walking away from them when they have gone under. But he was really really good so I can’t complain xxx

  7. Oh lovely, I am late to this story, sorry. So glad it went well and huge hug to you. My eldest had an operation on his eyes at the same age and it was such a difficult experience as a Mummy. Lots of love to you and yours. xxx

    • Oh thank you so much it was very hard yesterday for myself and Mr L but Baba seemed to just accept it and thrive with it. So proud xx

  8. Wow, sounds like you’ve all been through alot and your son was so brave! Perhaps he’ll want to be a doctor when he grows up as he sounds fascinated in all the goings on! Glad everything went so well x

    • He was so fascinated with all the things that were happening to him and wasn’t scared by any of it. Maybe he will be a doctor you never know! xx

  9. What a brave little boy! Pleased it went well for you all and well done to him!

  10. I am so happy it all went well and wish him a speedy recovery ;) @Kahanka

  11. Wow what an incredible little man, so, so brave, I can imagine how proud you were, what a trooper! And gorgeous hair, just like my little boys!x

  12. I feel so proud of him for you! So glad that things went well.

    • That is so nice thank you. I shall tell him that Pippa is proud and that is important he will be pleased xx

  13. beautiful photographs and I feel all weepy now, what a sweet little boy.

  14. Oh my, how brave is your lovely little boy?! He is such a star to take all that in his stride.
    I have the strongest memory of our little red-head having an op when he was two years old and it was a nightmare. OH was in bags.
    Hope Baba’s recovery goes well.

    • He was such a brave little boy, I was so impressed with him. Actually very impressed that both of us managed to hold it together as well. He is continuing to impress at the moment with his recovery and he is still being so brave with all the things that we are having to do with his eyes. He is just being amazing xx

  15. Someone looked right at home watching the tv! hope he is ok, what a brave boy :-) xx

  16. Awww what a super star of a little man you have. I’m so glad it all went well xx

    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  17. Awww, so glad he was okay and it’s over for you. XX

  18. Oh so cute and so brave. I’m glad it went well.

  19. so glad it went well for baba, fingers crossed bb is as brave xxxxx

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