Jun 092011

So we have been working hard in our back garden, well I should say PIL’s as well. When I was poorly they came and re-turfed the back garden and sorted out the rubbish, clearing an area for the dog to use. This means that he has his own section and Baba and his friend’s have their own section!

It is lovely out there and we are just completing the last little bits now, the decking, painting the garden furniture and the shed and buying  a BBQ just the last little bits and we shall finally have a garden to be proud of and one that is nice to sit in off an evening!

It has taken us a long time to get anywhere close to the garden being nice. When we moved in it was all slabbed and a huge fig tree had overtaken the garden, it had wreaked four out of six fence panels it was that large and it took forever to get rid off. I can’t find the pictures that I took when we moved in, but here are the pictures of the garden now!

This is what the garden now looks like.

These are some of our plants, that we have potted, Baba came home with the sunflower at half term from pre-school and it is doing OK! The furniture and shed are going to be painted a slightly lighter blue than is on the chair, and as you can see the decking needs to be cleaned and treated!

These are all of Baba’s plants, see they all have windmills in so they are his! He is a little obsessed by windmills. Don’t they look fab though!

I shall post some more pictures, hopefully after the weekend when the decking and painting is finished!

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