Jul 112011

This weekend I have been having a little break from being Mummy, and spending the weekend with friends, old and new, catching up with people. Chatting, laughing, crying, drinking ( I know) and lots of eating!

It has been great I have had a lovely time, and love the fact that we can all pick up from where we left off and it never seems difficult. We all have very different lives, we are all very busy in our own lives and can go months without seeing one another, however that never seems to make a difference it is still the same the next time we meet!This weekend has been about sending our friend off into married live, it has been about being silly, remembering the old times, seeing the photos, and wiping away the tears of joy, and sadness at times!

It has been refreshing, but it has also made the whole event of getting married all the more real as now the hen party has been and gone, the next event is the wedding, how exciting!

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