Aug 092011

The last three days we have been living in a little bubble that has just been all about us! It has been lovely!

We have been to the beach, twice in three days, we have been to the Lollibop festival and we have been to see my sister’s family camping! There will be lots of photos soon of all the events but I am currently still editing so they will be a bit longer.

We have had great fun at everything we have done, we have immense sunshine, hideous rain and horrific winds, but it has still been fun. Mainly because we were all together, we may have been with other people most of the time, but that didn’t matter we were still altogether.

Mr L got to take Baba into the sea, and teach him to jump the waves, when the tide was coming in. We also went when the tide was far out and they got to walk along the sand dunes, Baba was able to sit in the sea as it wasn’t very deep and really rather calm. These are all things that Mr L doesn’t get to do often as he is working! It is amazing the difference one day makes.

We got to take Baba on his first proper train experience. He has been on a couple of trains before, but only for one stop, or they are specialist trains, Thomas, or old steam trains. This was his first experience going on a train to London, and then onto a tube, I have to admit I was a little apprehensive, Mr L told me that I didn’t need to be and he was right (oh how I hate that). Baba was a dream, he loved being on both of the trains and I think that it was a massive highlight in his little life! He just couldn’t get over being able to see everything going past so fast, and when we went in a tunnel it was even more exciting! It was very funny to watch bless him!

It is like we have a little mini holiday and it has been great fun. Something that we haven’t done for a long time, but something that we hope to do again soon. Especially as we now know our son has a love for the sea and the beach I think we shall be spending more and more time down there.

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  1. Was sooooooo lovely to see you! Baba is just gorgeous and is going to be a real Lady killer!!! xx

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