Sep 122011

Dear Baba,

Here are just a few things I would like you to know about your Daddy!

1) He loves you unconditionally, and like no other person in the world. He would literally do anything for you, and protect you till the day he dies. You have made his life complete, no one and I mean no one comes close to his love for you, (not even me) but you know what I am happy with that. He still loves us all but you are the one that he adores, with every aching muscle and every part of his soul!

2) He shouts, he always has he always will. His bark is worse than his bite, basically he is louder than he means to be a lot of the time. And 99% of the time it is hot air. But a good tip to always remember is that if you listen the first time he can not shout at you and if he does just agree I find it works the best! Don’t shout back, Daddy can shout loudest!

3) He loves Liverpool Football Club don’t try to change this, don’t try to give him another point of few, don’t try to bring another team into this house. There is one thing you will never change about your dad, this is it! Just go with the flow, you won’t have a choice you will support Liverpool if he has anything to do with it, I am warning you know please take it on board and accept it!

4) He works really really hard, for you he may seem tired at times, he may seem grumpy at times, but that is because he works really really hard to get you everything that you want. To get everyone in the family everything that they want. He will go without so that we are all happy please always remember this. Don’t take the mick out of him, and respect that he busts his gut for you everyday in a job that makes him ache and tired and causes him lots of pain, just so we get everything we do! You don’t know this you have no understanding yet, but Daddy leaves for work at 6am if not earlier everyday and doesn’t get home till at least 5.30pm sometimes 7pm he doesn’t see you in the morning and at night you are usually a little grumpy. He misses you deeply every day so love him when he gets in!

5) He is very clever Daddy may act the fool, he may act the clown and makes out he isn’t clever at all. It is all a lie, Daddy is actually very clever, he doesn’t believe it and he doesn’t use it. It drives Mummy insane and has been the cause of many a row in the past! But he is actually far more clever than I am, never tell him that though its our secret!

You are very lucky to have an amazing Daddy who will love you forever with his whole heart, body and soul.

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  6 Responses to “Five Things I Want You To Know About Your Daddy”

  1. This is a gorgeous post, the first paragraph had me welling up! He sounds like a wonderful Dad.

    Thanks so much for joining the carnival this week xx

  2. He sounds nice, but I would say you sound even nicer – how lucky he is to have a partner that says such supportive things about him. Jolly good post – hope it gets read in years to come :)

  3. Ah he sounds like a great day

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