Sep 072011

This morning I woke at 6.15am Mr L was still here! It was amazing something that doesn’t happen very often in our house, during the week! He left for work at 7am and Baba was still fast asleep.

I got back into bed and rejoiced in the silence. There is something different about the morning silence, compared to the evening silence. I am usually the last one to bed in our house, and as I walk up the stairs I am met with the constant sound of snoring, the dog snores, Baba snores and then there is Mr L. He sounds like a fog horn in the evenings, so even though the rest of the street is calming down and it is late at night it is never really quiet in our house. 

The mornings are different. There is a calmness with the quiet, there is no snoring, just the dogs muffled sounds in his sleep. His legs running as he is chasing something in his sleep, and the occasional sigh. Baba is peaceful and so quiet in the mornings, you can go in and out of his room and he doesn’t stir.

The world outside seemed quiet today, no one seemed to be outside, the cars seemed to be silent, all preparing for the new day.

It was a peaceful moment being the only one awake, collecting my thoughts, working out what to do today, where to go next. How to move my plans on! I was able to be awake and collect myself before hearing the shouts of Mummy and someone bouncing on me!

Today I feel refreshed and ready to go, all thanks to it being so very very quiet.

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