Nov 142011

Baba is finally better, although if he is asked then a very impressive cough starts and he tells you he is still poorly. Drama King comes to mind there, bless him.

He has been better for the last few days, and we have been chilling to try to get him back to as close to 100% as possible.

We have been doing quiet things over the last few days, reading, writing, (Baba’s style of writing) and drawing. He has really impressed Mr L and I, he has been drawing aliens, whales, fish, ducks and suns and they all look like what they should be. He has been making lots of squiggles which are his letters, occasionally we get an S out of him, but mainly they are squiggles. Although he tells us what they all say.

Saturday he did a whole page of squiggles and told us that he was writing letters to his friends, and these letters turned out to be very important letters.

According to Baba he was letting all of his friends know that they were all meeting here with their baby sisters, and were getting a tractor to the fields to pick corn!

The things that he comes up with, he really does make us laugh at times!

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