Jan 112012

Yesterday Baba and I had a great day.

We got lots of things out that he got for Christmas and he had a really creative day. We got out his new paints, and I was really impressed how well he painted. He mixed colours together and was telling me that red and yellow make orange, he used his fingers to paint, the sponges to paint, and then had this idea to paint with baby wipes. He got some baby wipes and dipped them into the paint and then pushed the baby wipes onto the paper. He did some really good paintings and was concentrating for ages and ages! 

After Baba had finished with the painting he started playing his piano, and spent ages sitting there playing funny little tunes that he had made up. Baba is getting very musical, he loves his piano and loves to make lots of noise on his guitar I love that he will just give it a go and doesn’t care what noise he is making, but is proud of it none the less.

It is lovely to have these days with him and to let him grow learning different things, and trying out new experiences. Baba has such a character now and has a huge imagination that he can decide to do anything with his imagination. Yesterday was lovely, I didn’t worry about the tidying, work or sorting because frankly at the moment I can’t. I can’t do it and in a way it is freeing as I just know I can’t do it so it frees up my time with Baba to do things that matter the most, making a few memories along the way.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect day!! Xx

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