Apr 252012

Baba has a new little spot in his life, one that he seems to love and one that he seems to thrive in.

It is under the stairs, and no it isn’t a Harry Potter Cupboard.

Since moving the base of my craft room to the spare bedroom, the space under the stairs has a been a place to deposit crap and leave it all disordered. Last week in my mass cleaning, I decided that I would finally get around to changing this area to Baba’s art area. He takes after his Mummy and loves art, he is always wanting to make this and make that, and I don’t want to discourage it. But I really feel like he needs his own space to do it in. 

So this seemed perfect. He has his own table, that is very old and none of us really care what happens to it, but he also has all of his art stuff in one place. Painting, drawing, pens, play dough, stencils, stickers, moon dough and glueing. All on a table at his reach and for him to be as creative as he likes in. He even has his own swirly office chair, that is the most exciting thing after all!

He trots of to his “art room” regularly throughout the day to do “some drawing Mummy” and it is great. He doesn’t like any help while he is there, and his creativity is developing every day. He comes up with new drawings all the time.

The other day he drew a monster at Nannies, doing everything by himself even the colouring in!

Yesterday he insisted before going to his friends that he had to draw them a picture first, by the time he had finished we had a picture of the mud, green and yellow grass, a jumping monster, blue sky with a black cloud and the sun! Everything is so detailed I love watching his skills develop, and seriously think the art room is one of the best things we have added in our house recently.

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  4 Responses to “Baba’s New Spot”

  1. Oh how lovely, I can see him there creating! Love his pic, wish my boy was more creative, he certainly doesn’t follow me for creativity. Zo xx

  2. Aww love that he’s like his mummy x

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