Sep 212012

Last week Baba went back to preschool and he loved every moment.

Saturday he woke up with a hideous cold, and was full of illness from the minute he woke. He was supposed to be having a day at Nannies as we were off to a wedding and was supposed to be staying the night, but we decided that it was best all around if Baba come back to ours in the evening as he has habits of doing very bizarre things when ill. Such as having convulsions, getting croup etc.

He was ok in the evening and slept well, but he still wasn’t 100% the next day and as Sunday went on he seemed to get worse. So we decided that he would not be at school on Monday. 

We woke on Monday, he no longer had a sore throat that he had been complaining about all weekend but was full of cold, as was I. So we sat at home on Monday doing nothing, and having a nice chilled day. Tuesday we did the same, lots of resting on the sofa and watching movies trying to get better for the rest of the week. We did finally manage to get out on Wednesday and Baba seemed a lot better.

I was hopeful that he was back off to preschool yesterday morning. However he woke up, and seemed very croupy yesterday so I decided that it was best to keep him at home just incase. Lucky I did really as about 11am he seemed to go a slightly different colour and had a really high temperature. So I was pleased that he didn’t go to school.

Today he seems better, he is still bunged up but really not 100% but saying that nor am I. I am hoping that we have a chilled weekend so that we can both totally recover before next week starts, and that Baba can go back to preschool full of beans and back to his usual self. As at the moment it seems we are one week in and one week out!

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  2 Responses to “One Week In, One Week Out”

  1. Poor little fella. Horrid when they’re poorly, but if you’re poorly at the same time, that’s even worse!

    Do hope you’re all okay very soon.
    CJ x

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