Dec 062012

Rubbish, heartache, pain, despair, stress, grief, tears, money worries, and put it all on repeat!

Oh yes 2012 really has been the year to enjoy!

It started out so well and has gone from great to hell in one swoop and it wasn’t satisfied with one bout of hell oh no every time any of us have had a remote bit of happiness hell has been launched on us once more.

It has been a consistent lashing of pain, we have never felt heartache like we have felt this year, we have never felt pain that we have felt this year. 

People have literally held us up this year, they have been our props to survive, in more ways than one. The storm seemed to be settling coming into the end of the year, we seemed to be coping, we were financially getting back on track and the pain was still there but we felt we were ok. We were even almost looking forward to the new year and were laughing again.

But oh no this year had other ideas, god forbid that we should be happy, it dealt us with a blow that like Rhianna was one that we never expected and completely floored us and took away all our happiness again and made us swim in pain and grief once more, and since then it has continued to happen. It happened again in November, and we are left deflated and just done.

We have always loved Christmas loved looking back on the year and celebrating what has happened to us. This year we hate it, we are struggling to keep our heads above water and to be frank we are drowning this year. There is nothing that I want more than for it just to disappear and not to think about it to be honest. But we can’t we have a four-year that seriously does deserve to have a great Christmas as after all nothing much else has happened that has been good this year!

But for us it has as of today become stress, pain, heartache and once more just another thing that is not a happy occasion this year!

See right to the end 2012 just keeps on giving…


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  4 Responses to “2012 The Year That Just Keeps Giving…”

  1. 2012 has most certainly been a curve ball of a year – we understand each other so well Kerry and it hurts me when I see you hurting too, I think standing together against the world we hopefully will gain strength, whilst knowing we are being looked down upon. All my love, Louise xxxx

  2. I’m sorry 2012 has been such a bad year. I hope 2013 makes up for it! xx

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