Dec 222012

We have been really busy the last few weeks, making handmade things for Christmas. I have been desperate to blog about it all but most of it has been made for Baba and is for presents for everyone on Christmas day so most things can’t be blogged about until after then.

But one thing that I have been doing is making some of our own handmade decorations.

Our Christmas tree is all white and silver, and in the past the ceiling decorations have been a collection of colours but we have had a few break this year, and rather go out and spend money on new ones we decided to make our own instead. 

We decided to start with some basic paper chains, just using A4 white paper.

I folded the paper in half, and in half again and then in half again.

This meant that I had 8 strips folded. We worked out that we needed 15 sheets of paper per paper chain to go from the light in the middle of the room to the edge of the room. Once all of these were folded, I cut along the folded lines on each piece of paper to make all the strips the same size. I wasn’t to precise about this and just cut along the lines so that we had lots and lots of strips!

We then used made the strips into circles and made a chain using the strips. This is such an easy craft to do, that even Baba and Mr L got involved in making the chains.

Once all the chains were done, we hang them up on the ceiling with just some drawing pins, and pinned them up twice to make a pattern with each chain.

To be honest they look a lot better than I ever thought that they would and fit with our tree perfectly.

We have also made snowflakes as well but I will post about them another day.

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