Dec 152012

So last week Buddy had another new experience in our house, meeting my sisters black lab.

My sister and her family are coming here for Christmas and they always bring their lab with them for the whole day. The dogs end up having lots of walks on Christmas day, but generally all spend the day together chilling on their beds. It has always worked with her and Tito, but we knew that adding Buddy to the equation could be a problem. So we decided that they should meet before the actual day arrived.

We have been told that Buddy is great with dogs, but we have been told various things and so far not many of them are seeming to be true so we were dubious to be honest of how he would react with her. We were also unsure of how having two dogs in the house would react with another dog coming into the house. We were 99% sure that Tito would not change as he hasn’t changed his personality at all with Buddy, become a little more playful but that is really it. 

Buddy has already met my sister but her children were also new to him, so they all came in first before they brought the dog in. Buddy was fine with all of them and was noisy as he always is when someone comes in the house but other than that totally fine.

We then brought in my sisters dog. Buddy was fine, he made a lot of noise as did my sisters dog, but he was just loud and wanting to play. There are many years between all three dogs, and it was obvious that Tito was still in charge with regards to them. He went straight up to his bed and let the younger dogs battle out who was the boss of who.

Buddy really wanted to be the boss, but my sisters dog was having none of it and he was put in his place, at the bottom of the order, he is after all the baby so he is in the right place. Once this was established all the dogs got on brilliantly. They all walked nicely when we took them out and basically had a  good day getting to know each other.

Tito and Buddy were shattered after, and seemed to really enjoy their day. The next hurdle is now to get Buddy not to bark and make such a noise every time we see other dogs on walks out. He sounds menacing when really all he wants to do is have a massive play, but the other owners don’t know that! That is our next task with him.

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