Jan 222013

This weekend has been a bit of a nightmare with Baba and his sleep.

He goes through periods of sleep issues.

He has a tendency to get into our bed in the middle of the night and to be honest neither of us really notice when he does this. But he has got better and better recently and had actually stopped this altogether.

However the going to sleep has become a huge problem.

He has always been really good at going to sleep. He has a story and then has his CD on and recently he has had a light on to sit and ‘read’ his books to himself and then go to sleep.

However it seems that now his imagination can’t seem to switch off at all. 

Saturday night it started, the screaming, crying, and hysteria. We actually thought that he was overtired, as he had been on a two-hour walk with Mr L in the day and it was out in the snow over the hills. Nothing would work to calm him down in the end we ended up bringing him down and letting him lay on the sofa. (I know a big mistake) He was just so hysterical there was nothing that we could do with him and he got himself into a stupid state.

Sunday we knew that we were in for it, as we had let him lay on the sofa on Saturday night, and we were right. The screaming started and it was up and down the stairs for a few hours before he finally drifted off. With the echoes of “Mummy and Daddy have broken my heart, into rectangles and triangles and it is now all bone and no heart” (See imagination overload)

Yesterday we had a long chat in the day about him going to sleep, and we thought that we had set up a system. That if he slept nicely then he would have his Hama beads out this morning, as last time that seemed to work, we used Hama beads as a reward for not climbing into our bed and it worked perfectly.

But no, this time that was not going to work at all.

We had a really relaxing story, and a long one as well to try to get him tired. The whole bedtime was nice and chilled, and then the crying started.

The make believes started, and the excuses of why he couldn’t sleep started. He hated the CD so that went off he didn’t want the light on so that went off and he eventually cried himself to sleep.

It was horrible, neither Mr L or I am liking this and it is making our evenings really upsetting. Baba is tired you can see he is tired, as he just isn’t getting the sleep that he needs and we are stumped. It is like his imagination can’t shut off and he is going and going because of it and getting wound up with it. That is what is making it harder as we can’t work out how to make him relax and sleep!

So anyone have any suggestions on what we can do to get over this with him?

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