Jan 242013

Baba is off preschool today, he has a cold coming and feels a little sick. So he is chilling on the sofa, and asked for some crayons to colour in his Shrek activity book that he has.

He was sitting there nicely doing stuff on different pages and then suddenly I realised he was doing a little writing.

There is a page where all the letters of the alphabet are next to a picture and the pictures are put on the page with empty boxes under them and you need to copy the letter into the boxes. 

Well Baba only sat and did it, he worked through the whole page and wrote out the whole sentence.

It says “RUMPEL IS A CURLY TOED WEIRDO” incase you can’t quite make out the letters. Baba hasn’t really made an effort to write before so even though I am totally bias I am very impressed and think that he has done a fantastic job for a four-year old they aren’t perfect but they are getting there!


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  8 Responses to “Baba’s Learning To Write”

  1. You’re right to be impressed! Super work :)

  2. Fantastic work!

  3. How cute, what a clever boy. xx

  4. That’s a brilliant bit of writing, well done him! I’m very impressed with his pencil skills.

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