Jan 282013

So like so many other people I know at the moment, I have had those nagging feelings of getting a little fitter and loosing some of the excess weight that I am carrying around. Mr L is in the same position and has been going training since the beginning of the year a couple of times a week.

I have been toying with what to do for the whole of January to be honest. I have looked at my Slimming World stuff and have thought about going back on a diet, I have looked into doing more exercise and trying to think of ways to get into a bit of a better shape.

My diet has been appalling I really wont lie, everything that I have been eating for a long time has been rubbish, it probably has been since I lost Rhianna! I am a bad comfort eater and I can guarantee that I have been doing a lot of that for the last year! 

To be honest I have exercise staring me in the face, it is everywhere, we have so many different exercise DVD’s games etc in the house that there is really no excuse not to do anything, and today I decided to go with that philosophy.

I spent an hour on the Wii Fit and Just Dance today and I have sat down and joined Change4Life and downloaded all the free apps for my phone to help with menu planning and stuff that we need to buy throughout the week.

It isn’t a diet that we need it is a bit of a change of life that is needed and I feel good that we are finally realising it and doing something about it! I hope that this means that we will all stick to it rather than do it for a couple of weeks and then slowly slide into our usual bad habits. But I suppose only time will tell.

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  6 Responses to “Changing For The Better”

  1. We’re the same, takeaways just taste SOooooooo good! We are also going along the exercise path with just moving more and improving sleep patterns. Hopefully it will become part if our daily routine and not be such an issue.

    Good luck with yours – keep us posted

    Claire x

    • That is what we are trying to do more moving and not making a big issue about it so that it just becomes part of our daily routine. I will be keeping you posted and good luck with yours too xx

  2. I think sometimes we get to a point where a change in lifestyle is needed. I’m 43 and have definitely felt that way these last 12 months. I have intentions to join a gym and really must do this before I get beyond the state of return!!

    CJ x

    • It is not reaching that state isn’t it, I think we are almost there as well and that is why we are just trying to change a few things so that it actually doesn’t feel too different but makes a difference to us. xx

  3. I too have started a new regime this week- we should swap tips!

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