Jan 032013

Was manic, was hard you can read about that on Rhianna Lily’s blog, and was certainly hectic.

I think we have just got about back to normal.

It has taken two whole days to take down the decorations and find homes for all the new toys, yes Baba literally did get that many. After Christmas his toys were put back under the tree and filled up the whole space again, as we just had nowhere to put them.

Even though it was a hard Christmas we always knew it would be, Baba once again stepped up to a place that he didn’t even know he had to go to and got me and his Daddy through the whole experience.

I really struggled at Christmas, and without Baba’s super excitement and squeals of, “thank you, I have wanted this forever” to things he has never ever seen before I really would not have got through the day. He totally made the whole experience worthwhile. 

This was the first year that Baba really got any of it, the whole idea of Santa, the presents, he was equally excited about the presents being open as the presents that he sent as he handmade everything. It was such great fun seeing him just as excited about people opening his presents. Something that I was really pleased that we did with him. Even though it was super hard work and I wasn’t totally happy with all the outcomes. But he was and that was the main thing, and I think because he made them we got away with the imperfections that would have otherwise driven me to distraction.

He got totally spoilt and ever since we have been playing with various things that he has been brought for Christmas. He had very specific things for Christmas this year, his whole presents revolved around, Angry Birds, Lego, Trash Packs, Art Stuff and Board Games, and he is loving all of it.

Just today for instance we have done a little Lego, played GatorGolf, done some Hama Beads Ben 1O stuff, done some art and used his Science Kit! He is really enjoying everything that has been brought for him and attempting to have a go at everything although some things are still too old for him.

He spent two days working through his Angry Bird Annual, colouring it in and completing the puzzles. We have discovered over these last few days that he is very particular and precise about his art, especially his colouring in, but also has a complete skill in this area. For a four-year old he colours brilliantly.

So even though it has been really tough, Baba has managed to once again pull us through by our hair and get us out the other side!

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