Jan 052013

Baba loves to craft, he has inherited this from me, and will happily sit for hours doing different crafting activities.

His Christmas list was easy this year, Angry Birds, Lego, Trash Packs, Playdoh and Art Stuff, and he managed to get everything on his list from all the people who buy him presents.

He got lots of crafting things and I know that they will keep us occupied for many months ahead of us.

He got things that he has done before, and he also got new things. Including some Hama Beads.

He has seen these on TV before and has recently been asking for them so he was very excited about getting them, he got a Ben 10 one and a Construction set. Wednesday we had our first go at the Ben 1o Hama Beads, and Baba was very excited but he couldn’t really do it. He struggled with what the process was, but had great fun sitting watching me do it.

We got out the Construction Hama Beads today, and he found this a lot easier than the Ben 10 kit. Mainly because it was a lot more straight lines, and blocks of colour.

He was really eager to get involved this time round and was really trying to get all the black on the same lines. He did find this hard but found doing the blocks of colour a lot easier.

Once he was told what colour to put in the blocks, he was happy to put them in any way he liked. He took his time and was really excited when he had finished all the blocks off.

He also loved the fact that there were so many colours in the construction pieces, and that he could add white. He was a little fascinated by this. So insisted that he had to do all the windows in white.

He had so much fun making this and bossing me about, with what colours I was allowed to use and wasn’t allowed to use, and was super excited when it was all finished and completed.

And I think it turned out pretty well as well. Although I do think we will need a massive stash of these Hama beads very quickly as it seems to be Baba’s new favourite thing to do, and I also enjoy it as well.

So a great Christmas present all in all! One that will be used again and again.

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  1. I love Hama Beads as do all my children, although the little one tends to like eating them rather than play with them at the moment!! You can never have too many either, there are so many to choose from! Enjoy x

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