Jan 072013

We are growing a scientist in our family.

Baba got a science kit for Christmas, and since then all he has wanted to do is “do experiments” he has wanted to put raisins into fizzy, and mix food colouring with water and oil and mix it all together. We have been adding oil to water, and water to oil and he has loved every second of it.

We still have a load more experiments to do, making volcanoes and all sorts, but we are taking this experimenting thing a little slow, as to be frank I value my possessions and my house!

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  2 Responses to “Growing A Scientist”

  1. We have a budding scientist here too :) It’s lots of fun until they decide that the perfect time to experiment is while you’re busy cooking dinner or something!!!

    • Oh god we haven’t had the trying to experiment while cooking dinner yet! I have that one to come by the looks of it! Joy xx

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