Feb 062013

For a year or so the top room in our house has been a dumping ground.

We used to be in it moons ago, but for a while it has had no one in it as we have all moved to the second floor, to be nearer Baba.

So whenever we haven’t had a place for something or needed something, or Baba has grown out of something it has literally been dumped in the top room.

However it had got to the point of no return up there, all of our paper work was up there and things that we were beginning to need.

So this weekend we decided to all head up there and start sorting, I have done a couple of days up there going through old clothes and the like but this was the big sort out. 

It took all day and there are still a couple of boxes that need to be finished but Baba has finally got what is looking like a play room and he loves it, when it is completed I will be posting some more pictures.

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  1. That looks like a super room.

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