Feb 242013

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  10 Responses to “Silent Sunday 24/02/2013”

  1. Bunny rabbit thinks it’s a meer cat! :D Cuteness! xx

  2. Aww that has just melted my heart!

  3. Awww, love that! Cuteness overload :)

  4. Is he/she a house rabbit? We have too many on the farm so they have their own hotel.

    • He wasn’t no, but he was brought in with the snow as his hutch needs some repair and he hasn’t managed to get back out. He currently is living in the unused dog crate and is seeming to love it so possibly he will be kept in we are debating what to do and are reading up on it! Buddy our new dog seems to cope with him a lot better in the house to be honest! It is something we are debating at the moment xx

  5. What a great shot!

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