Mar 252013

So yesterday I blogged about the fact that the Craft Room was being decorated and I promised that I would post some finished pictures today.

I love the new craft room. It is amazing what a difference a wall makes.

I went for the duck egg blue, for many reasons. One it is my favourite colour and is in at least one room on every floor, and two because it seemed to be the colour that was the favourite for the background for photographing my albums for Scrapbookerry.

I knew that I couldn’t do the whole room this colour, it is firstly too small and would look awful and secondly it has a lot of furniture actually attached to the walls and I only had one day. There is only so much you can do in a day.

So I decided to go for a feature wall instead and I love it.

I then decided to move some furniture but it still didn’t seem right.

So I painted the furniture instead. This made everything come together and I spent ages moving around all my pieces for Scrapbooking and crafting.

I moved all my albums and all the paper around (after I painted these shelves too)

I love the new layout now it is a lot easier to get to the paper and all the accessories that I need for different pages, and albums.

I left the table as it is, the table works it has worked for a long time so there really was no need to change it around. But moving the shelves has helped a lot.

I even have a special place for all the different stationary items that I regularly use.

And probably the most important space off all apart from my albums, is the space for my photos! I love having these all in one place at least now I know exactly where they all are!

I found lots of things I had forgotten about. I discovered things I didn’t even realise I had, and it has really got my creative mojo back which I had lost for a while. So all in all the craft room decoration has been a fantastic job and I am really pleased with the new style and layout!

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