Mar 122013

The kitchen is still not finished I am not sure it ever will be 100% finished until the wall is ripped down and my final plan is in place. But that is a long-term plan.

At the moment I am working with what we have and am trying my hardest to make it like I want it currently.

I started last year with some decorating. I hated our cupboards and wanted a more shabby look in the kitchen. We are blessed with a massive kitchen but the cupboards were a horrid cream and were dirty and yucky looking. We can’t afford a whole new kitchen so I decided to paint all of the doors and brighten up the place a little.

I went with a duck egg blue, this is a colour that I really love and isn’t actually used a lot in our house. 

I painted the whole cupboards and the initial thought was just to leave them this colour but when they were finished they needed a little more.

The blue was lovely but it was certainly missing something.

That something was the pearl that I used on the bureau while repainting that.

I added this to all the edges of the cupboards and it really brought them all alive. I love the look and was really happy with the new look of the kitchen.

But there was something still missing.

We had a very dark rectangle table. It took up too much space and it didn’t look right with the rest of the room any more.

So I was on the hunt for a new table.

I saw this one was being sold at Cheap Countryside Chic and it was just perfect for us.

The table-cloth, although it does need a new one soon was the right colours, it was white and it only seated four unless you extended it. But the best bit was everything to extend it is stored under the table. Now I am rubbish at keeping these things together so this was perfect.

We picked it up at the weekend.

It instantly fixed the kitchen.

We did a bit of a jig, after having to bring the rabbit back in, (that is another post in itself) and the kitchen is very nearly there!

I have cupboards that I like, a bureau that is the right colour, table that fits.

I also have a functioning kitchen, and a place where I can do my writing each day, near a plug and a coffee machine that is a bonus in itself.

I still have some work to do with some fabric. A blind needs to be made and some cushions for the chairs, but we are finally getting somewhere.

It is at last a room that we all want to be in.

One that we all enjoy.

One where we can eat, play, socialize and have fun in.

Just what a kitchen should be.

It is the heart of the house and a room we have avoided for so long. It is nice to have it back!

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