Mar 172013

It feel’s like a lifetime ago that I blogged.

Life has totally got in the way!

I have got busy, Scrapbookerry has got busy.

I am getting a lot of orders, and lots of different things are happening.

It is all good and I am not complaining

But I would love a day to sit down and blog, and read!

And write and do some of my writing course!

I feel like I don’t have time to do any of it 

So I am not really here and not really there at the moment

I need a way of organising life so that I can fully work out where I need to be and when!

As at the moment things are being missed


Crafting for myself



Are all being missed

And I am getting stressed I can feel it

So I need organising of some sort! Some how

To get everything into place and a system that I can work

I system that works for all of us and means that everything gets the focus and attention that it needs!

How do you all juggle all the things that you have to do and keep on top of them?

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