Mar 042013

This last week we have all been a bit poorly and have been slowly recovering.

Mr L came out with it first, and struggled on at work for as long as possible, before finally giving in on Wednesday and having to have a couple of days of work. I came out with it at the beginning of last week and managed to last until Thursday before I had to finally give in and Friday wasn’t much better either.

Baba has been a little star, considering both of us have been poorly, he really has been good. He has been to Nannies lots, staying at my mums last Tuesday and Mr L’s mums on Friday and he has been a little star when he has been at home. 

Mr L and I have been chilling, I decided that I couldn’t do nothing when I was ill. I didn’t really have the brain function to work on articles or do any albums for Scrapbookerry but as I was curled up on the sofa I decided that it was the time to tackle my pictures and to start sorting them all out on my laptop and hard drive. They have been a mess for ages and really have been driving me mad. So I got out the laptop on Friday and settled down for a day of sorting.

I then got a little addicted and continued to do this all weekend. I have got about half way through and have found some real gems while I have been sorting. I have also found some super things that I have made in the past for Scrapbookerry that I have really forgotten about over the years. So it has been really helpful, but now I can’t seem to stop I need to finish these pictures now so I am still working on them whenever I get a few spare moments.

But it has been lovely to sit down and sort out things that I wanted to do even though I was ill at the same time. But it meant that I was being slower and that I really could only concentrate on one thing at a time and am actually getting that one thing done. Rather than having lots of things being juggled and nothing really being finished!

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  1. Sucks that you were sick, but at least you were able to get a project done!

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