Apr 242013

I love old things, I am not a perfectionist in this I wouldn’t say that I only use vintage things, or like retro items, or love everything to be shabby chic or country looking. If I like it I don’t really care what title it comes under.

I always have been drawn to these type of items.

I never really acted on any of these feelings until I found my bureau and then we got engaged and instantly I knew that I wanted a vintage feel to our wedding, which luckily Mr L has gone along with all the way.

Since getting engaged I have tackled the kitchen to be a little more shabby, and when our phone cable got chewed by the hamster, long story, I knew that we weren’t getting the most up to date gadgety phone I wanted an old school phone. One with actual buttons and the phone attached to the base. When we were offered our trim phone by a friend I was so happy. 

It took Mr L a while to like the phone, he loves it now, but it was instant excitement for me.

Getting married with a vintage theme, has meant that I can spend hours indulging in my love of routing through charity shops and gazing at china, and beautiful old-fashioned items.

Yesterday we went shopping and I decided to wonder of the usual shops and see what was down the alleyways and was so happy when I came across a little tiny indoor market that was full of tiny china shops.

Each full to the brim with beautiful gorgeous items.

I literally felt like I was in a little bit of heaven.

The only downside was keeping control of Baba, as he wanted to touch it all, I can not wait to go back in the future on my own and really delve into the shelves and see what they have on offer in these shops.

But yesterday while having a quick browse I managed to find this gorgeous gem.

It was something that I couldn’t walk away from.

I usually only ever have my engagement ring on, but this ring was too gorgeous not to buy. It was also a bargain at what I paid for it. So it felt even better.

But it did get me thinking, maybe I don’t need a traditional normal type wedding ring. Maybe I should go for a really old ring, one that I know will last and one that I have helped Mr L pick out himself. We talked about it last night and he was fine with it. He told me that I can have whatever ring I want as long as I am happy with it he doesn’t mind.

So maybe we need a trip to these shops on our own and see the complete ring section in this wonderful little shop and see what they have in there, before we make a final decision.

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