May 112013

Last week Baba had his first proper eye test.

He is growing up far too fast!

I have been wearing glasses since I was 11 years old. It started as being short-sighted and I hated it, I hated that first day at school having to put my glasses on. It didn’t take long before I had to wear them 24/7 and to be honest since I have been driving I don’t think I have ever taken them off in the daytime, unless I am sleeping.

Baba has never seen me without glasses, there is one photo of us together with no glasses. When he was first-born and that is it.

I really can’t see without my glasses one eye is very bad and I can’t even see the big A on the board in the eye test. 

We all have bad eyes, however it wasn’t until I had been wearing glasses a while and was living in London at university that a routine check discovered that I had an oval pupil and they told me it was a hereditary condition, since then my father and uncle have both discovered the same problem. So this has always been in the back of my mind.

Baba was checked at hospital a lot when he was little because of his eyelashes, but has never had an actual eye test.

So when he started getting closer and closer to the TV and saying that he couldn’t see things on it, I did get concerned and I wanted him checked out before starting school in September. After all if he has a problem I wanted him to not be hindered by it when he is going through the changes of starting school and also to start with his new friends with glasses than having to introduce the glasses.

So we managed to find an optician that would do a test with pictures (which was a task) but we got there and we really could not have found nicer optician’s.

Everyone in there loved Baba from the start.

He sat and let them do all the tests where they look into the back of your eyes, and take pictures, he did have to sit on Daddies lap to be high enough but he loved it.

When we got into the actual optician he was practically jumping for joy.

And she was brilliant, they both laughed and got on fantastically. He managed to see pictures that I couldn’t see on the wall some were tiny! She checked the health of eyes, whether he was colour blind while testing his numbers! She also checked his 3D perception which he thought was brilliant as it was all bugs that he had to grab.

Everything that could be checked was. Mr L and I were really pleased with how much was checked and we came away very happy with his eye test.

We also came away knowing that he has a tiny prescription which most children have but it is nothing to worry about and that he doesn’t need glasses. Which is a great relief and that he doesn’t have any strange-looking pupils they are all normal!

He has to go back in a year for another check. I am happy we went, pleased that he has done the eye test and been ok and happy that he wont be going to school struggling!



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