May 222013

Over the past year Baba has developed a love for games. Any board game he seems to love. He started to show a love for them just after his birthday last year which meant over Christmas he got a lot of games.

He got some building ones, ones he can do on his own ones that are two players and ones that involve the whole family.

He has gradually got into them all and last week we opened the last one that he got at Christmas. He has traditional games from Dominoes, Connect 4 and Monopoly up to Gator Golf, and Angry Birds Star Wars. He loves getting them out and plays with them a lot.

The other day we went to my sisters and she gave him a game her children used to play with Brainy Blocks it is quite an old version that she had but he instantly wanted to play it and took an instant like to the game.

The concept of the game is really easy you have shapes in different colours and from those shapes you have to make the pictures that are on the cards.

They start of really simple and give you a guide of the shapes that you need as well.

Baba loved that he could make bigger shapes out of these little shapes and even though he thought he needed help with some of them, he really didn’t need any help he just had to sit and think about what he was doing. Once he did this he managed to sort out all the shapes on his own.

I was actually really impressed how quickly he did work out the shapes, and he wanted to work through each card until he got to the harder cards, which had the actually pictures on.

He sat for ages working out how to put the shapes the right way, and his concentration was fantastic. He would turn all the shapes around trying to fit them into the edges of the drawings and he managed it really well.

There are 20 odd cards in this game, but I think this one is missing a few shapes so I am not 100% sure that we can do all the shapes but I am pleased to say that you can still buy the game, so it may be something that we invest in. As Baba really does love it and it really gets his brain working and I was actually very impressed with how well he solved the pictures as there were some that I found hard but his logic seemed to sort them out.

It is a great quiet game, that helps with his colours, shapes, and his creativity as he has to visually work out where the shapes are going on the pictures which I think is a fantastic game to have.


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  1. I used to play this game at my nans!!!! Love it x

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