Jun 272013

This Tuesday Baba went off for his first school visit, and it finally hit that he is no longer a baby!

All of Monday evening he was excited and didn’t stop talking about the fact that he was going to his big school. But Tuesday he was a little more nervous.

He spent the whole morning checking that I was staying with him, and I had various reasons said to me why I had to stay, from the sensible, he wouldn’t know anyone, he had no friends there. To the somewhat silly, he was going to get hit there! But I kept reassuring him that if he wanted me to stay then that is what I would do.

We got ready and he was excited to go up to the school, we waited in the reception for his teacher and I could tell that he was nervous but was very excited as well. His teacher came around and he instantly liked her which I was so pleased about. 

She asked him if he wanted Mummy to stay, and he completely changed his mind and told me that I could go. I was told to pick him up an hour and a half later and that was it. He was walking around the corner with his teacher telling her he was four and he will be five in October and then he goes to school everyday, except in the holidays when he is off to the Isle of Wight to the zoo with one of his friends.

Full of confidence and not a care in the world.

I went home, trying not to worry, hoping that he was having a good time.

The hour and a half seemed to take forever to go and it was very slow, but it finally came for the time that I had to pick him up.

I arrived wondering how he got on, to be greeted with the news that he should have been at the school months ago.

He walked into the class and told them all his name and wasn’t shy at all. In an hour and a half he managed to do some gluing, painting, and two drawings on the white board which he was very taken with, the fact that he could draw on this white board and then the pictures were printed onto a piece of paper.

All the class assistants and the teacher loved him, and as we left the children from the class ran down to the end of the playground to shout goodbye. He was an instant hit.

The teacher told me that she was not concerned about him going to school at all and that he would be 100% fine.

He walked out of the school and did not stop talking about it all day. He got on the phone to Mr L to tell him that big school was brilliant and that he had so much fun there.

It was lovely to get that first meeting over and done with and to actually see how much he enjoyed it. He is so excited about it now and can not wait to start in September!

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