Jul 182013

The weather here recently has been the best weather Baba has probably ever experienced. But it does come at a price in our house, not that I am complaining but I suffer badly with hay fever and this year both Mr L and Baba have seemed to suffer with it as well.

So we have taken full advantage of the weather where we live and the fact that it only takes us half an hour to get to the seaside, because frankly it is the best place to be. It stops the sniffing, nose running and eyes itching and it is somewhere that is actually cool rather than sweltering in the heat!

It is also great fun, especially to go as everyone else is leaving to sit down and have your fish and chips and to then take a wonder along the seaside, when the tide is out and there is hardly anyone around.

This is what we did at the weekend and we took Baba’s bucket and spade to be able to go and do a little crabbing.

We have looked along the beach before under the pier and never found anything but we never thought to look along the strips that go down the beach where all the water collects at the bottom before. This seemed to be a gold mine for crabs. 

Instantly we found some and Baba was so excited. But he didn’t just want to stop there he wanted to keep finding and finding them.

So we kept walking and looking in all the pools of water.

First of all we found a dead crab, that was sleeping according to Baba and then when we got to some more pools of water we found one that was alive and a lot bigger than the first crab so Baba was really excited at this point.

Daddy had to get the crab on the spade and I was instructed to take a picture as Baba obviously did not want to forget this moment. I have to say I was quite shocked at the crabs size it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be, personally I think it is quite an ugly creature.

But it was what Baba wanted so it went in the bucket with the water and off we went to look for some more crabs.

The amazing thing was as well as finding crabs every pool of water seemed to have a mass amount of shrimp in and Baba thought these were hilarious.

He managed to hold one, but he was fascinated with the way they moved as they look like they actually jump. They leap around in the water and where leaping about in the bucket of water, some were tiny and some were massive as well. We found a huge amount of these and spent a good couple of hours on the beach just wondering and finding crabs and shrimps before we set them all free back in the water and came home.

It was great fun, something we have never done with Baba before but something that we will do again in the future and a great free activity to do with the children that does take up a few hours. As it seems Baba can walk for ages along a beach where as everywhere else he gets very bored!

Have you ever been crabbing before and do you have any secret tips for the next time we go?

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  6 Responses to “Our First Time Crabbing”

  1. we went crabbing today as well, we found quite a few, hundreds of hermit crabs, shrimps zillions of jelly fish as the tide came in, it was a very pleasant afternoon. I think we are all suffering from hayfever here as well and boy ph boy does it make you miserable.
    Love the pictures

    • It’s great fun isn’t it and it really is a pleasant few hours. Yes hayfever really does make you miserable I hate it and have suffered really bad this year and am so tired as I start about 4am and then can not get back to sleep it is horrible xx

  2. We love to go crabbing off the harbour at Padstow. Bacon rind makes perfect bait. Loving your photos. Please pop over and join me on the next Country Kids from Saturday.

    • Oh never thought to use bacon rind as bait that is a great idea. I will link up on Saturday thanks for letting me know again shout if I don’t xx

  3. I’m sure we can catch some crab over here but I never venture or try to find out. Looks fun though but I’ll probably be running away from the crabs instead of netting them =D

    • I didn’t like them have to admit, don’t think Mr L did either although he is very good at facing his fears in front of Baba so that he doesn’t develop any xx

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