Oct 152013

December is always a tough time financially for us, as like a lot of other people. We are short on pay from Mr L as he is off work and I don’t generally get a lot of orders in via Scrapbookerry. Both of us being self-employed makes it a tight month.

Every year we have a problem, paying the bills, and getting food in.

And every year it ends up being a complete stress, that neither of us really need.

This year I want it to be different. So I have a plan.

I am thinking that the one thing that I can do is prepare evening meals before December and get them in the freezer, so that when we don’t have as much money at least our food shop will not need meat or main meal ingredients in. Which should cut the costs down greatly.

However I am not much of a cook, I can do basic cooking so I am trying to find some great recipes that can be frozen that are a good selection, so that we are not living of Shepherds Pie, Spag Bowl and Macaroni Cheese, which are all the things that have come to mind that I can freeze at the moment.

I am looking for some variety, a selection of easy meals that I can make in the first place, that can then be frozen and heated in the microwave for all of us. Or even some ingredients that can be frozen and can be chucked into the slow cooker, and cooked throughout the day for us to eat in the evening.

So I am asking for some great recipes, and for your tried and tested meals that can be frozen so that if nothing else for December I know that we can eat.

Please do leave the recipes in comments, or link to your blog posts if you have written them up on there.

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