Apr 112012

I haven’t participated in The Gallery for a long time, but this week meant a lot to me.

This Easter has been a very different one to ones we have had in the past, we are not a big Easter family. It has never been overly celebrated but with everything that has happened these past few weeks we made a real effort to spend time together this Easter. An effort to be a family and to let Baba spend some quality time with Mr L and myself. We wanted to put some normality back into our lives, but also to keep Rhianna very much with us all.  Continue reading »

Nov 112011

Dear Baba’s Bug, Infection, Cold and Croup,

You seem to be weakening, this we like, now please disappear for a long long time. You completely wiped out Baba and it was horrible to see, so please do not come back and do it again. We want our usual noisy, bossy and boisterous child back!

Thanks Baba’s Mummy x


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Sep 122011

Dear Baba,

Here are just a few things I would like you to know about your Daddy!

1) He loves you unconditionally, and like no other person in the world. He would literally do anything for you, and protect you till the day he dies. You have made his life complete, no one and I mean no one comes close to his love for you, (not even me) but you know what I am happy with that. He still loves us all but you are the one that he adores, with every aching muscle and every part of his soul!

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Aug 312011

We are an animal family, both Mr L and I grew up around animals and as soon as we had our own flat we had our first pet. Our hamster, Tyson. Once we moved to a house we brought our dog and we have never restricted Baba with animals, there are limits of what he is allowed, but we have not had to cross that yet! But we do have a lot of animals, especially as he is not yet three! I hate to think what our house may be like when he is eight. As the love for animals has been passed down to Baba with a passion, you can read all about his obsession here!

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