Sep 302010

You and him are my main priorities

So why do I get wrapped up with everything and everyone else?

It is just about us three!

We are the important ones,

Sure we have the rest of the families and a few close friends

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Sep 232010

You were so so clever, you took it to your grave. But do you think that was really the best thing to have done? You have left us with so many questions, so many answers not given, that we all need to know. Do you not think that by not telling her, you were doing the right thing?

Sorry you probably did!

Let me tell you something though, you have ripped a piece of her apart and she will never truly rest now. Is that really the outcome you wanted? Is it? I don’t think it was, was it? Continue reading »

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Jul 222010

The wind blew and blew, the rain thrashed and the thunder roared. The room lite up every time the lightning hit!

I was woken by an almighty bang, and I was scared.

The chimney was whistling with the wind whirling down the tunnel, right past my bedroom, and through the lounge.

I screamed, I didn’t like it. I was only 6 years old and I hated storms, I hated wind, I hated lightning, I hated thunder and I hated the dark. Continue reading »

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Jun 302010

I have always been an emotional person, but having a child has made me even more emotional. I now cry at Eastenders and wedding shows, which I never used to do! I get angry quicker but I also have sudden huge overpowering feelings of pride that overcome me just out of the blue.

(C) 2010 And Then All I Thought About Was You


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Jun 172010

He sits on the floor, building his tower.
Lego is his thing at the moment.
It is a joy to watch he gets higher and higher and looks so pleased with himself.
He has decided that he doesn’t want that Lego there, so off it comes.
He pulls and pulls,
To no avail,
His face goes red
He groans, he moans
I ask whether he wants some help
He looks,
He turns his back. Continue reading »

Jun 102010

As we walked in you looked so small, so fragile and childlike. If it wasn’t for the years showing on your face with wrinkles and grey hair you would not know you were an adult. A tiny one at that, curled up asleep in bed.

Struggling to breathe the oxygen taking the effort away from you, keeping you going one breath at a time.

You didn’t stir, you didn’t even move. You just laid and waited, you were waiting for your time. It wasn’t far away and we all knew, no one wanted to believe it. But we were silently waiting too. Continue reading »

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