Oct 152013

December is always a tough time financially for us, as like a lot of other people. We are short on pay from Mr L as he is off work and I don’t generally get a lot of orders in via Scrapbookerry. Both of us being self-employed makes it a tight month.

Every year we have a problem, paying the bills, and getting food in.

And every year it ends up being a complete stress, that neither of us really need.

This year I want it to be different. So I have a plan.

I am thinking that the one thing that I can do is prepare evening meals before December and get them in the freezer, so that when we don’t have as much money at least our food shop will not need meat or main meal ingredients in. Which should cut the costs down greatly.

However I am not much of a cook, I can do basic cooking so I am trying to find some great recipes that can be frozen that are a good selection, so that we are not living of Shepherds Pie, Spag Bowl and Macaroni Cheese, which are all the things that have come to mind that I can freeze at the moment.

I am looking for some variety, a selection of easy meals that I can make in the first place, that can then be frozen and heated in the microwave for all of us. Or even some ingredients that can be frozen and can be chucked into the slow cooker, and cooked throughout the day for us to eat in the evening.

So I am asking for some great recipes, and for your tried and tested meals that can be frozen so that if nothing else for December I know that we can eat.

Please do leave the recipes in comments, or link to your blog posts if you have written them up on there.

Jul 232013

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Baba loves to cook and as he is off on his summer holidays at the moment, I am trying to encourage his cooking a little more. He gets really excited about it, and loves to get involved making decisions about what we are going to make and how to cook it.

When we were asked to buy some Cadbury chocolate from Asda through #cbias we knew that we wanted to make something that we hadn’t made before.

We firstly had a look through some of our cook books to find something that we all would like as a family and decided on a chocolate pavlova.

Having never made meringue before this was a first for all of us. But we were determined, and loved the fact that the meringue actually had chocolate in it making it a different meringue completely.

The recipe seemed simple enough and we went of to Asda to buy all of our supplies. Continue reading »

Jun 222012

I have heard about this lots and read it on various blogs, but have never remembered to actually try it.

Yesterday Baba wanted a cake and I really couldn’t be bothered to make a full on cake, and I remembered the cake in the cup that I had been reading about. A quick search on the internet and we had the recipe and where raring to go. Continue reading »

Aug 122011

To say that today has been trying has been an understatement.

Baba has been exceptionally hard work today. We have had tantrum after tantrum, and they haven’t been little ones either one of the tantrums literally went on for well over an hour. There was nothing that I could do to bring him out of it! If he wasn’t having a tantrum, he was screaming, throwing or hitting. It was hard work.

But there was a little saving grace today. In the name of cheese dumplings. Continue reading »

Feb 252011

I know that I should be trying to loose weight, that I have over 4 stone to loose before I shall be comfortable.

But do you know what, Baba has been ill, Mr L is ill and Baba has his operation in two weeks. I am a little stressed and this week having Mr L at home being ill has made it worse. Trying to keep a two year old away from Daddy as Daddy is poorly is flaming difficult.

So I did what all amazing mums do I made Brownies. Continue reading »

Jan 302011

Now we love food in this house, I am not a fantastic cook. But I love to try a recipe out whenever I can.

However out tastes do differ. I like vegetables and pasta, and fruit, Mr L is a meat man. Any kind of meat he will eat as long as meat is on the table he does not care. Although there is one meal that we all like and is a firm favourite in our house.

Continue reading »

Jan 032011

I found this recipe for a Caribbean beef stew for the slow cooker and thought that it looked pretty yummy. However I didn’t have all the ingredients this morning and wasn’t dressed when I was doing the cooking, so I was not going down town to buy them. So I tweaked the recipe to the ingredients that I had! But it turned out quite well… Continue reading »

Nov 262010

Now I saw this on TV a while back and knew straightaway that I wanted to make it so I searched and searched for the recipe in the end I couldn’t find one. So I made it up. I used a basic cheesecake recipe and added my little chocolate bits.

It doesn’t matter how we got to the end result. Just the fact that the end result is amazing! It is so lovely, you can’t have lots of it though as it is rich, but still it is lovely! Continue reading »

Oct 272010

Mince and dumplings, yum yum.

This has to be one of my all time favourite foods, it is something my mum made when I was a child, and I have always loved it, especially when it is wet and cold. Just like it was yesterday.

This time however I decided to do it in the slow cooker, and it was yummy! Luckily we found a bigger slow cooker at the weekend, so we can now do the whole dish in the slow cooker! So it was easy.

It was such a hit that Baba had two helpings, so too me that is a hit! For such a hit I just had to share it with you all. Continue reading »

Oct 102010

(C) And Then All I Thought About Was You

I made this for Mr L’s Mum’s birthday. It was a real lets just put it together and see what we come up with cake. We had lots of oranges in the house and I thought that it would be a nice cake to make. Do you know what it turned out lovely!