Jul 232013

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Baba loves to cook and as he is off on his summer holidays at the moment, I am trying to encourage his cooking a little more. He gets really excited about it, and loves to get involved making decisions about what we are going to make and how to cook it.

When we were asked to buy some Cadbury chocolate from Asda through #cbias we knew that we wanted to make something that we hadn’t made before.

We firstly had a look through some of our cook books to find something that we all would like as a family and decided on a chocolate pavlova.

Having never made meringue before this was a first for all of us. But we were determined, and loved the fact that the meringue actually had chocolate in it making it a different meringue completely.

The recipe seemed simple enough and we went of to Asda to buy all of our supplies. Continue reading »

Feb 152013


A family holiday is like a cake. There are a lot of different ingredients, get them wrong and your fun getaway will turn out as flat as a dodgy soufflé. The kids will need entertaining during the day with plenty for the grown-ups in the evening.

Parkdean build holidays with kids in mind. With a whole host of clubs, entertainers and adventure playgrounds, remembering what your kids look like may be your only problem. Steal them back for some quality family time spent surfing, rafting or scuba-diving.


The beauty of our accommodation is that there’s an option for every budget. Our caravans, lodges, apartments, bungalows or cottages are modern, spacious and comfortable. All have free gas and electricity, fully-fitted kitchens, spacious living areas and free bed linen. A holiday with us is exactly that, a break from the mundane but with home creature comforts. Continue reading »

Feb 082013

So it’s February and the shops are filled and everyone is thinking about the most important day in February and that is Valentines day.

We do celebrate Valentines day, I personally love Valentines, Mr L isn’t such a great lover but he does get something now each year as he has had 8 years of training.

But even I struggle with Valentine’s day presents, now a days. It is a huge market and I am never really sure what route to go down. Do you go down the silly, sentimental, cute, loving, sensible or romantic route? The list is endless.

You could go for the romantic meal out for the two of you. But it is a bit of a mission, even someone who loves Valentines has to admit, by the time Mr L has got home finished getting ready and we have sorted Baba with a babysitter we are both shattered and would just rather sit in and chill.  Continue reading »

Jan 262013

How excited are you for Easter? Considering the UK is still stuck in the (appropriately titled) bleak midwinter, we’d imagine the answer is ‘not very’. But the arrival of the new season – and perhaps even a glimpse of sunshine – isn’t as far off as you’d think. Spring officially starts a trifling two months from now on the 20th March, and we’re counting down the days until the holidays. If you can’t wait for the family fun of Easter either, here are some of our favourite festive activities, for those of all ages to get stuck into. Continue reading »

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Dec 112012

Our home is our castle, so it makes sense to try and keep everything secure. We all have such hectic schedules that it can be hard to remember even the simplest safety measures. Here are some of the most common security mistakes which we should all try to avoid!


Ell Brown

Ell Brown

It’s been a long day, and you just want to wend your way upstairs to your nice comfy bed. Before you hit the hay, make sure you remember to set your alarm. They help to scare burglars (especially if you have an old-school bell alarm!) and are crucial if you want to make a successful insurance claim for stolen or damaged property.


Gnilenkov Aleksey

Gnilenkov Aleksey

Wallets, car keys and jewellery are just three items that people leave lying willy-nilly around the house. Why not buy some storage lockers to keep everything in a safe place upstairs? They’re cheaper than robust home safes and are just as tough.

That way you can keep a closer eye on your valuables! The hard part is remembering to lock things up at the end of the day, so leave a note on your bedside table. Continue reading »

Nov 212012

We are a technology based family, we always have been.

Mr L loves his gadgets, and if we had the money he would have every gadget going as soon as they were out on the market. I love gadgets as well, not the same type of gadgets as Mr L but I still have a great love for them, however we both have a love for computers, being for gaming, working, or photography. This joint love seems to have been inherited by Baba. Who seems to have a natural ability for computers.

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Nov 202012

Christmas is fast approaching, and every year our list of presents that have to be delivered seems to grow. Not many years ago we would be able to do this all with a few preplanned visits to friends and family, the exchanging of presents would happen and yes it may be a couple of weeks early or even a couple of weeks late, but we still managed to get everything sorted and all prepared before Christmas.

However the last couple of years we have done Christmas at home, we have been the ones preparing the house, and getting ready for everyone to come and descend on us for the most important day of the year, especially if you are four years old. This is also another issue, having a four year old means that he wants his presents and he wants them on Christmas day with all of his other presents. He would of course wait if he had too, however if he has them too early the only people that actually suffer our myself and Mr L as everyday is another request for more presents up until Christmas Day. Continue reading »

Jul 222012

Before we had Baba, I worked with Autistic children and worked long hours. I had numerous jobs at the same time, childminding, working in a care home, and working as a special needs Nanny and my work hours were full of children.

Having Baba changed my view on work, and I didn’t actually have a job to go back into to, but I also knew that I didn’t want to have to go back into working with children straight after having Baba. I am never saying no, but I knew at the time it was a no.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do work wise, and finally settled on going back into Scrapbooking and set up Continue reading »

Jul 182012

So we have broken the seal and mentioned the C word in our house…

Yes that is right we have already started getting a few bits and bobs for Christmas!

Don’t all run away and hide!

I know a little early, but this year we are being sensible and not going over the top with Christmas. We don’t want to be spending over the usual price for things just because it is Christmas and we want to be organised and not running around at the last-minute trying to find christmas gifts for everyone. We have started on the children’s presents all ready and have a plan for Baba’s presents (being that his birthday is in October we have two sets of presents to buy). To be honest the children are the easy ones, we have ideas for them all and it is just finding the items and getting them at the best price and storing them for Christmas.  Continue reading »

Jul 172012

It is that time of the year when all our finances are at out accountants and we are putting our figures into the tax credits, and we finally know what we have earned over the last year! It is always a little depressing to know what we have earned and what we have left for that hard work over the year.

This year has been financially hard, like it has been with so many families, and we have really had to pull the purse strings this year. We have had to be ruthless with the stuff that we pay out and we have heavily researched everything that we pay. We have looked at all of our direct debits, scrapped the ones that don’t need to be there, and tried to find better deals on the ones that have to be there. Our home insurance is up for renewal very soon, and it will also be researched heavily to find the better deal for us, ComparetheMarket.com has become our best friend. We are using this regularly to find the cheaper insurances for us.  Continue reading »