Apr 112012

Rhianna’s grandparents put a pink bunny teddy on her grave. Friday we went up with Baba and Mr L told him a little story;

Daddy: “If you give the teddy a kiss, then Rhianna will get it in the sky”

Baba: Looked at Daddy picked up the teddy and kissed it, before putting it back down.


Baba: Picking up the teddy, “If I give you a kiss then Rhianna gets another kiss in the sky from me” he gives the teddy a massive kiss.


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  12 Responses to “The Teddy”

  1. That’s beautiful, what a lovely way to help him manage his grief xx

  2. Bless his little cotton socks x

  3. Bless him x Lots of hugs x

  4. That is lovely x

  5. I think watching my children grieve was one of the hardest things about losing Freddie. It’s just not fair they ave to experience such a loss. Not fair :(

  6. That’s so sweet, bless him x

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