Apr 232012

One month ago today you were born

It seems so long ago

It seems to have gone so fast

But also only seems like yesterday

We are still living it

But still trying to live our life as well


We may never have seen you smile

We never saw the colour of your eyes

We never heard you cry

We never heard you laugh

We never heard you gurgle

You never wrapped your little hand around our fingers

You never stared lovingly into our eyes


But you were still our little bundle of joy

You were still our baby girl

We held you if only for a brief time

We hugged you

We took in every feature you had

We memorised your face

Your hands your feet

Every thing about you a lasting image in our heads forever


You were here only a moment

But will live with us forever


One month ago

We held you for the first time

We touched you

And you were with us by our side for just a while


It has been so hard

There have been so many tears

So much pain, so much agony

But there have been moments of joy

Of pride, of love

Moments that like you are only here for an instant but last a lifetime.


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  1. that is lovely x

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