Apr 162013

We have always tried to get very bright flowers for Rhianna, I am not sure why but something in us says she likes bright flowers.

When she died I had an overwhelming feeling that she would like the colour purple and we have followed that idea with buying purple lilies regularly for her.

But they are hard to find, so we go for very bright flowers as well. It seems fitting that when we walk up to her grave it is the one grave that you can see across the cemetery due to the brightness of her flowers. I love that she stands out so vividly and everyone can see her little grave, even though it is one of the smallest up there.

So for her birthday we followed the theme. Bright flowers for our little girl.

Her Daddy brought these gorgeous roses, in the most amazing colours and they were perfect for her birthday.  Continue reading »

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Feb 192013

This weekend the sunshine has been shining and we have all had a strong urge to go and make Rhianna’s grave a little bit prettier for the sun to shine on.

I found her grave really difficult over the winter months, it is a really hard place to go to at the best of times. But when it is dark and clouding and raining it is even harder to go. I hate going when it is so horrible, I don’t want to be seeing Rhianna’s grave in the horrible weather.

So as soon as the weather changed and the sun was shining we all felt a bit happier going up there and made a real effort to put the most gorgeous flowers that we could find up there.  Continue reading »

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Jun 182012

On Rhianna Lily’s month anniversary my sister came down to see us, and brought with her a gorgeous Lily plant that she had brought for Rhianna Lily. She thought that it was a yellow plant but was not 1oo% but hoped that it was yellow as I had commented on how beautiful the yellow lilies were that we brought for Rhianna’s funeral.

We have lovingly looked after these lilies for two months and they grew and grew but never followed. Baba especially were wondering whether they were ever going to flower, and over the last couple of weeks one by one the flowers have started to come out and not only are they yellow. But they are also orange, they are absolutely gorgeous, and our Rhianna’s flowers in our garden.

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May 042012

We were food shopping yesterday, and came across a lily plant one just like my sister brought us to grow at home for Rhianna Lily. Straight away Baba spotted the flower and commented;

“We have that flower for Rhianna Mummy”

“Yes we do, that’s right”

Baba started to look at all the other flowers

“Oh look Mummy there are daisies!”

“Oh yes”

“We need to buy some daisies for Rhianna Mummy they are very pretty”

It is so simple for Baba, he says these statements and really doesn’t realise how much they fill up my heart with pride! We both love that he cares so much.

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Apr 142012

When we first started discussing flowers for Rhianna’s funeral, we made it clear from the beginning that we only wanted lilies. Neither of us  cared what lilies or what colours but they had to be lilies. It meant a lot to me that we had to have lilies, after all it was in her name and it felt special to me to have lilies.

Straight away our niece and nephew decided that they wanted just one flower each for her funeral in specific colours.  Continue reading »

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Apr 092012

Since Rhianna’s funeral we have been inundated with flowers. We had two deliveries the day before her funeral and had to take half of the flowers home on the actual day as we just did not have the space for them at the cemetery.

I have managed to keep all the cards but could not tell you who brought every flower, as some have been mixed and matched. We had to do that as we didn’t have enough vases to take all the bunches that we had.

I am still determined to post all of her flowers though, as I want the world to know how loved Rhianna is, and we are amazed at how many we have and how many varieties of lilies and other flowers that our friends and family managed to find for her.  Continue reading »

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