Apr 082012

I had a midwives appointment in the morning, and was a little stressed about my sugar levels. I really didn’t want them to be high again. So I made sure I had a healthy breakfast, eating a selection of fruit and tried to remain as calm as possible with Baba. I didn’t want anything to be wrong at the midwives appointment. I wanted the rest of this pregnancy to be easy sailing, rather than trips back and forth every week like I was with Baba.

I dropped Baba off at my mum and dads and told them that I would be back in a couple of hours.

As per usual there were no parking spaces at the birth centre and I remember having to park in the doctor’s surgery which only has an hour limit. So knowing what my midwife was like I was conscious that I may end up getting clamped so I prayed that it would be a quick and easy appointment with no telling off.  Continue reading »

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