Oct 092013

I haven’t been blogging a lot recently, we are all still settling into this school routine, and Mr L and I are both working loads. I am working every day that Baba is at school, and Mr L is working loads including Saturdays, so our only real family day at the moment is Sunday.

So on Sunday when the sun was shining we decided to get out the house and go for a nice long dog walk along the beach.

It was a gorgeous sunny day, we packed thinking that the beach may be a little cold. But it was so warm and lovely, and it really didn’t seem like an October day. Continue reading »

Jul 232012

This weekend has been tarnished by an ever constant headache that yesterday afternoon climaxed into a hideous migraine that meant I slept for most of the afternoon and evening!

But we did manage to make the most of the sun in drips and drabs throughout the weekend.

We were out in the garden on Saturday re potting Rhianna’s lilies and cleaning the garden up. We cleaned out the rabbit and snail and both of them seemed happy to have nice clean homes, and Stewie loved finally having the top of his hutch off and some sunshine shining in on him. He was sunning himself having great fun.  Continue reading »

May 082012

This bank holiday has been very family orientated, we did a little shopping, chilled with the family, went to Rhianna’s garden and did some DIY.

By Monday we were pretty much shattered, and only had one thing left on our list to do which was to go and get Mr L’s work van. As we had spent the whole day dismantling beds and putting beds back together and then moving furniture we thought that we would make a little trip out of collecting the van. So that Baba did something nice and because he had been an absolute star as we were doing all of the work.  Continue reading »

May 092011

Actually Brighton is truly lovely and I have always held a soft spot for the place. It is on my list of places I would love to live in. I adore the place and always have, although yesterday it was not planned that we were going there.

We were off to Butlins, and I think Mr L and I were more excited about that. However when we arrived we got told that it was an adults only weekend, so Baba wasn’t allowed in. Panic set in, we were at Butlins car park and knew that we couldn’t go home. We had to do something and Baba was asking for the beach for so we decided that Brighton was a good bet!

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Mar 282011

We had a really quiet weekend mainly due to Mr L’s ex boss being lets just say very difficult with his last weeks pay! But to be honest we needed a quiet weekend, last week was very busy and we did need a bit of a break.

Saturday we pottered about really and went and saw both our parents, my sister came down and we really did nothing. So by Sunday we all wanted to do something but it had to be cheap and happy. So we decided as the weather was still nice we would go to the beach.

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Oct 282010

Today I am tired very tired I hit all my deadlines yesterday but wore myself out in the process, so instead of sitting here and thinking of something magical to say I pass you over to Baba and the sea!

We went away to Wales in September and I haven’t written a lot about it, but it was a great first family holiday.

One of the days we headed off to the beach and it was a beautiful day there was no one else on the beach and we spent a good couple of hours walking around collecting the shells well I shall let the pictures do the rest of the talking! Continue reading »

Aug 122010

Baba hasn’t been to the beach much, I know shocking as we live so near it. He walks along the promenades but doesn’t go onto the actual beach. Today that changed.

We went to the beach with my sister, her two children and my mum and Baba had a ball. After he first tentatively walked on the beach we couldn’t get him off it. He was in the water, on the body board, playing with the sand, running and having a great time. I think the beach is a place we need to visit more often. It is a place that we can all go including Tito and we can all just be with no worries and stresses about what we are doing. A place that we can all escape to and have fun. Continue reading »