May 012012

Baba isn’t 100% I am not really sure what it is but he just isn’t totally right.

Saturday he was very clingy and spent all day literally laid on my lap. I suggested lots of things to do as Mr L was working but everything got met with a no and we just sat on the sofa watching movie after movie. It meant I got lots of work done on the computer and Baba just completely rested. He had a little temperature late Saturday afternoon, so he was given some medicine before I went to work and then went up to bed with Mr L who spent the night with him incase he did one of his little tricks of rigors or a convulsion. Which is always a worry when he goes to bed with a temperature.  Continue reading »

Jan 202011

This week we have had a difficult one with Baba, it is like he is ill. But not really ill and I really can’t work it out.

I think that he is fighting something his little body at night seems very distressed when he is sleeping, he thrashes around, talks in his sleep, cries in his sleep and screams a lot. So we have basically had no sleep at all. Continue reading »