Nov 262011

This was the statement that Mr L said to me today after the umpteenth time that we had to tell Baba off about something.

“You think you have it cracked, and then you realise it’s all tits up”

That is what we were both thinking. Baba has been unbelievably hard work today and neither one of us can fathom out why, whether there was a reason or whether it was us. It has led to us both being quite deflated today, both of us have been loosing the will to live throughout the day. It has also lead to us rowing as it has been such a bad day.

Nothing has seemed to go right and everything that has been asked of Baba he has just ignored and has done what he has wanted to anyway.  Continue reading »

Jan 252011

Baba has come into his own recently, and has become a very determined little man.

He is opinionated, he is loud, argumentative, and has developed an immense throw for when he is not happy. We have a lot of throwing going on in our house at the moment.

He is tiring, and hard work and most days I am completely drained and tired of listening to my own voice. Of repeatedly saying no and then being shouted at. Or of saying no and getting things thrown at me. Continue reading »