Nov 232011

Tomorrow is Mr L’s birthday, tomorrow our countdown for Christmas starts, we have a month from his birthday to get ready.

I have to admit we are nearly done in the shopping department, it is just everything else that is a little crazy. This weekend Mr L is out for his birthday celebrations and I am on a little mission to sort out the house and have a  blitz on the toys, we need to make space for all the new things that are arriving at Christmas. I need to move the art stuff out of the lounge and make space for the tree, decorations and all the presents that will be arriving. We are doing Christmas here this year, so everything needs to be sorted. To be honest it is going to take a little while. I need to get some boxes and vac packs and get a little organised.

After all there is only a month left. Continue reading »

Jul 282011

Yesterday I was running around getting ready for the wedding, I can not believe it is on Saturday.

It is getting close and we are all trying to get ready in our house! Yesterday I was sorting the house out for when my sister comes to babysit Baba. That was a task in itself but it is all done now, the trick now is to keep Baba out of the house! So it remains that way.

I am still making confetti cones, and made some more yesterday but have run out of ribbon, so today we need to go and collect some more to finish these off tonight.  Continue reading »