Jul 152011

Things have changed a lot round here in recent years! Next January Mr L and I will have been together for seven years, and in the last three years everything has changed.

Of course it has we had Baba, who is going to be three in October where does the time fly. But its not just that, we have gone through me no longer working, then starting to work from home, stopping again and then running my own business. Massive changes. But then we had Mr L getting made redundant, he was at home for six months and it was hard work really hard work. On one hand it was fantastic as he was home from when Baba was two months old, so he got to see all those firsts, but it was hard as he is not used to being home.

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Dec 312010

It has been a strange year, one that has sometimes flowed and one that has sometimes been incredibly hard but one that has been filled with excitement and joy.

It started so well and we were looking for new things for 2010 these were quickly dashed when Baba went down hill and was very poorly for a good month or so. We spent numerous days in hospital, all in a month-long period. He had another convulsion, he had his first rigor. He had tonsilitis, sickness, ear infection, throat infection, and croup. We were given penicillin, he was allergic, a nebulizer, and antibiotics all to be told that he had tonsilitis for a whole month. We saw the ambulance men more in the month of february to march than ever before. It was tiring, stressful, scary and a really hard work. But more than anyone hard work for little Baba. He fought a lot in that month, but came out the other side! Continue reading »

Dec 232010

Now firstly an apology this is not a ‘yeah it’s Christmas’ post, far from it. This is a really god damn it post!

In the past seven days three of my immediate family have been in hospital. All three have come out with serious things to be done or diagnosis.

They say things come in threes don’t they.

Firstly my dad has to have an operation on his shoulder. But it may not work there are three reasons it may not work if that happens he will need a new shoulder. That is happening the beginning of next year. Continue reading »