Jan 112012

Yesterday Baba and I had a great day.

We got lots of things out that he got for Christmas and he had a really creative day. We got out his new paints, and I was really impressed how well he painted. He mixed colours together and was telling me that red and yellow make orange, he used his fingers to paint, the sponges to paint, and then had this idea to paint with baby wipes. He got some baby wipes and dipped them into the paint and then pushed the baby wipes onto the paper. He did some really good paintings and was concentrating for ages and ages!  Continue reading »

Sep 152011

When I was younger I used to play the guitar and the flute and also had a keyboard to play at home! I loved playing music, but as I got older exams got in the way, the flute got sent back and the keyboard and guitar got moved under the stairs. Every time we moved they moved with us to go and live under another bed, but never coming out. Collecting dust year on year.

Mr L has always mentioned that he wants to play the guitar he has known the guitar is there but hasn’t really looked at it. Yesterday after being at home all week he asked if I still had the guitar. Which lead to a massive route under the bed to find dust filled guitar, and dust filled keyboard.  Continue reading »

Nov 262010

We were sent the CBeebies Song Time CD to review and what a hit it was!

I was really impressed that it was  a 2CD album, with over 50 songs from the CBeebies channel. I was also impressed that we actually knew almost all of the songs, I think there was maybe 5 or 6 that we had never heard of but other than that we knew them in various forms. Obviously some of the songs were a lot longer on the CD than on the TV but this didn’t bother Baba just more dancing time! Continue reading »

Apr 162010

So last week Baba and I tried out a new music and movement group at our children’s centre. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I have been stressing that Baba doesn’t see enough of other children as he spends most of his time with me and Mr L. Now I personally hate these things, but I thought no I need to get Baba interacting with others so we have to go!

Last Friday at 10.30 we had a bags ready and off we went. It was an ok group, the group only started last week so everyone was new to it, that was nice. But I quickly realised that all the other mummies all seemed to know one another and their children seemed to know one another. Not so nice. Continue reading »